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There is a house. There is an institution. There are people. There are obsessions, curiosities, good intentions, strong beliefs and weak opinions. There is strong tea and strong coffee. There are strong personalities. There is a desire for not strong. There is a strong affirmation of the necessity to value weakness. There is my friend Jennifer Lacey, there is my insistence on calling in Jennifer, there is her effort to create and affirm and defend and present to the world and make important to the world something that could be called “weak method”. There is my friend Louise Trueheart and her certainly very weak method of dance gifts, video selfies addressed to someone in particular as a gift, surrendering one's image and vanity and clumsiness as one dances in front of a camera, embracing ridicule and love without even considering if how or why those articulate. There are cam girls and there is the insistence on actual feelings, mediated or not, squeezed into cliché forms or not. There is the refusal to chose or prioritize between analytical clarity, obscene emotionality, body, politics, there is the hope and the fear that the hope will be met that someone will maybe come up with an explanation to all. There is Rosi Braidotti and there are many many smart and strong women. There is the fight against stupidity, the fight against entitlement, the fight against laziness, the fight against judgementalism and also against indifferent non-judgementalism. There is a difficulty in being strong to fight strength and claiming the importance of soft, tender or liminal. There is a difficulty in asserting solidarity with the voice of a scout leader. There is difficulty in defending anything weakly, for you will always lose. There is a question and that is how the hell can one act other than by fighting? There is the possibility that it might be useful to devise ways of listening as much as ways of talking, or on the scale that counts here to devise ways of supporting and valuing what doesn't shout, as much as ways of affirming without trampling on anything else. There is the necessity to devise models of repair rather than punishments. There are many we do not understand. There is beauty in wanting to know and there is love also in accepting not to know. There is beauty in loving even though we don't know. There is Lacan's objet a and there is also the love of things we do know. There is such a thing as knowledge and it is full of holes, which doesn't make it less knowledge anyhow. There is a difference between not knowing and not wanting to know. There is ignorance caused by fear. There is ignorance caused by disinterest. There is such a thing as active and undirected interest. There is a hatred of democracy as Rancière describes it and I know this quite well as a french person. There is a challenge for us all to exercise our feelings and acts of solidarity beyond personal attachments. There is a technical problem. There is a pragmatic question because we will need to transform ourselves, to change our subjectivity as Braidotti says and that takes efforts, practices and commitment beyond good intentions. There is the beautiful interview Jenny made with Suely Rolnik where Suely explains the actual efforts these people made to transform their subjectivity and that's no poney farm. There's always the risk of making big mistakes, of erring, and there is Suely saying you know sleeping around with everyone was not always fun but it was necessary, we needed to reconfigure ourselves and this kind of ambition demands that you put your hands in the dough. There are idiomatic expressions that translate very bad. There is Suzan Tunca with her elegance and with her precision, which a dancer's virtuosic skill. There is the possibility to study and honour the incomprehensible. There is Isabelle Stengers and there is Vinciane Despret, and they are attacking the technical problem even though attacking might exactly not be the right word. There is a linguistic problem. There is a language that asks to be spoken. There is absurdity and vital necessity to talk another language even though it is weak and does not act as a weapon. (Amsterdam, 03.11.17)