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October 8-14th 2018 workshop and performance Within Practice, Stockholm
September 26th 2018 Walk + Talk DOCH Stockholm
September 24-28th 2018 workshops DOCH Stockholm (BA Dance, NPP, How Dance Thinks)
September 23rd 2018 Togethering, a Group Solo Corporeality Symposium, Essen
August 27th 2018 A Piece you Remember to Tell – A Piece you Tell to Remember Tanznacht Berlin
August 20-25th 2018 choreographic lab Praxisfestivalen, Oslo
June 30th 2018 Dance of Companionship The Other Thing / Lava / Agora, Berlin
June 10th 2018 Dance of Companionship School of the End of Time / Russian Biennial for Young Art, Moscow
June 9th 2018 Togethering, a Group Solo School of the End of Time / Russian Biennial for Young Art, Moscow
March 7th 2018 Talk with Valentina Desideri and Georg Döcker Julius-Liebig University Giessen
March 26-30th 2018 Nobody's Business doing Nobody's Dance, hosted with Eleanor Bauer HZT Berlin
January-March 2018 guest professor Julius-Liebig University Giessen
April 2017-March 2020 guest professor HZT Berlin


November 17th & 19th Walk + Talk Dock11, Berlin
July 24-28th workshop (with Jennifer Lacey) ImPulsTanz, Vienna
July 14th Color Correspondence Green Musikbrauerei / BFAW, Berlin
June 24th Walk + Talk Stary Browar / Malta Festival, Poznan
May 12th Togethering, a Group Solo (Spanish version) MACBA, Barcelona
April 14th Togethering, a Group Solo Mezzanine, Porto
April 10-14th artistic practice symposium Mezzanine, Porto
February 27th - March 3rd workshop a.pass, Brussels
January 9th - February 17th teaching HZT, Berlin


November 28th Studio 13: Ecologies of Practice (Talk + Practice) Tanzfabrik Berlin / Wedding
November 12th Fundraiser Party - Performance event Agora Rollerberg, Berlin
November 4th Four to Two – Chapter 2 NGBK, Berlin
October 27th Togethering, a Group Solo Works at Work, Copenhagen
September 25th To Meet (extended excerpt) Ausland Berlin
September 24th Togethering, a Group Solo The Politics of Collaboration, Middlesex University, London
August 28 & 29th To Meet (Alice Chauchat invites Louise Trueheart) Tanznacht Berlin
August 10th & 12th Togethering, a Group Solo ImPulsTanz, Vienna
July 21st & 23rd Clean room Season 3  Open Spaces, Tanzfabrik Berlin
May 16th - June 3rd workshop HZT, Berlin
April 29th Togethering, a Group Solo BudaKunstencentrum Kortrijk
April 19th Edelweiss Xing, Bologna
March 22nd, 24th & 26th Clean room Season 2 Vooruit, Gent
March 3-4th Togethering, a Group Solo Sadler's Wells London, as part of The Palest Light
February 15-19th Nobody's Business doing Nobody's Dance, hosted with Arantxa Martinez Dock11, Berlin
February 1-5th workshop SNDO, Amsterdam
January 4-21st workshop La Manufacture, HETSR Lausanne


December 12th Four to Two Feet Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
December 4-5th Togethering, a Group Solo Weld Stockholm, in companionship with the Weld Company
November 28-29th Togethering, a Group Solo Dock11 Berlin, as part of AfterCare
November 12-14th Edelweiss Kaaitheater
October 23-24th Edelweiss Tanzquartier
October 8th Edelweiss BudaKunstencentrum Kortrijk
September 5th Togethering, a Group Solo performance @ Tanznacht-Forum - Tanzfabrik Berlin
August 10th-14th workshop ImPulsTanz, Vienna
August 3rd-7th workshop with Clemens von Wedemeyer ImPulsTanz, Vienna
July 15th-August 19th Teachback as DanceWEB coach ImPulsTanz, Vienna
June 22 - July 3rd workshop HZT Berlin