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Dance Gathering

since September 2021, in progress

A dance feast for public spaces, where people invite each other to dance together tangential encounters.

In September 2021, I tested for the 1st time, with students from the MAs Choreography and Dance & Participation in DDSKS Copenhagen, how it could work to activate the scores from my Togethering project as social dances: in support for a social event. We studied the scores, selected which seemed most appropriate, devised a couple more for the occasion and invited people for an impromptu party in a park. We played random songs from a boombox. Passersby joined. It was very sweet.

Passing the dances to nonprofessionals during ImPulsTanz 2022 proved very successful, which encourages me to pass on my Togethering work to people with very different relationships to dance.

I had a second at the Dance Gathering in September 2022, supported by the Ausufern festival in Berlin. Together with Arantxa Martínez and Dorota Michalak, we taught some dances to participants who had answered an open call. After 4 weekly sessions, we hosted together a party, inviting the guests into various dances, who would then pass on the invitation to other people. Manuela Schininá played music.

I'm looking forward to developping this further, both as a different public form for the work and as a chance to pass on the function of host which I've been holding within it.